Thursday, 25 November 2010

Email or Printed Questionnaires

When your target population has access to email, it is very tempting to send them through email as it is a quicker option and it cost less. However, emails can be seen as junk especially if you do not know the sender. This shows that it depends on who your target market is and what makes it easier for the user to fill in. I have listed some advantages and disadvantages of using email or printed questionnaires.


  • Quick to send
  • Free
  • Easy to send to a large amount of people
  • Easy to Reply
  • Seen as Spam at times
  • Could be difficult to download
  • Formatting may be Difficult

1 comment:

  1. I think that with the current age of spam and junk mail, it would be hard to convince a reader to actually download your questionnaire as the risk of getting a virus from a "dodgy" e-mail is very high and potential respondents know this. Therefore you may have to be a reputable company before a potential respondent would consider filling out your questionnaire.