Thursday, 25 November 2010

Statistical Surveys

Statistical surveys are used to collect quantitative information on population. These surveys are particularly used for political, governmental, health and social research. It can also be used as a marketing tool for business to identify what products people prefer and their change in tastes. From the surveys the main focus it to receive opinion depending on its purpose. Questions that are administrated are normally referred to a self-administrative or a questionnaire survey.


  1. Nice post, but I got a question. In what type of format would you see this type of survey in, could you list a few?

  2. Statistical surveys are very popular and can be seen in many different formats including gathering the data via the Telephone, Mail and online. Statistical surveys have many advantages, these include the facts that they are efficient, flexible, cheap to conduct and they are relatively easy to administer. However aswell as these advantages there are also several disadvantages which include the fact that the surveys rely on the participant’s motivation, honesty, memory and their ability to respond. Aswell as this the surveys are very structured which may lead to a low validity when researching the affective variables.